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Standard phone users can easily call individuals who are Deaf, Hard of Hearing, DeafBlind or those with a speech disability. 

No special equipment is needed! 

It’s smart to ask the person you are calling how they would like to be reached over the phone.  

If the answer is Alaska Relay, then dial 711 (or 800-770-8255 for English or 866-355-6199 for Spanish) to reach a Communications Assistant.  Provide the area code and telephone number of the person you wish to call.  The Communications Assistant will dial their number and connect you to them.

If needed, the Communications Assistant will explain the relay process before connecting the call. 

This relay service is available in English-to-English and Spanish-to-Spanish.

How to Contact a Person Who Uses a Text Telephone (TTY)

  • 1

    Dial 711 (or 800-770-8255 for English or 866-355-6199 for Spanish). Give the Communications Assistant the area code and telephone number you wish to call and any further instructions

  • 2

    The Communications Assistant will process your call. When the TTY caller answers the call, the Communications Assistant will type what you say to the TTY caller. Make sure to say “Go Ahead” when it’s the TTY caller’s turn to respond.

  • 3

    The TTY caller will read what was said on the device. The Communications Assistant will then read aloud everything the TTY caller types to you.

Tips for Standard Phone Callers:

  • Be sure to talk directly to your caller.
  • Avoid saying “tell him” or “tell her.”
  • Say “GA” or “Go Ahead” at the end of your response.